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Our 2015 Business Excellence Awards Winners

Susan Solovic

Susan is the owner of, one of the most recommended blogs for small business owners, covering a wide array of topics. She is also the author of a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller named It’s Your Biz.

Beyond supplying great business advice, she is one of the world’s most entertaining bloggers and authors. She can turn rather dull topics like organizational behavior and growth, customer service, and finance and make it lively and exciting.

Susan had multiple TV appearances and was formerly an ABC News Small Business Contributor.

When she received this award, she has issued a press release saying the following:  

“It’s always a great honor to have someone take special note of the work I do to help small businesses, especially from a company that’s also concerned about small businesses and the consumer, like,” Solovic said when she learned about the award while presenting at the recent SXSW conference in Austin, Texas.


Start Up Professionals’ Blog

Superb quality blog by Marty Zwilling, whose writing has been published on Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, and Forbes. Marty’s blog has the word professionalism written all over it, with each one of the hundreds of posts within it being fully researched, with great attention to detail.

Marty Zwilling

Chris Skinner / The Finanser

Chris Skinner, the owner of the Financial Services Club, is one of the world’s biggest experts on the area of banking. He is also a “financial futurist” who often makes predictions on everything banking-related. 

In the Finanser he explains and gives spot-on insights and predictions on things like the future payments, the hottest spaces for Fintech innovation, how would regulation adapt to new technologies, and how will the capital markets behave in the future to come.

A fascinating, must-read, blog.


Duct Tape Marketing

Innovative marketing solutions for SME’s. Free digestible eBooks distributed available here, and a top-notch blog.


An accomplished entrepreneur, founder of Y Combinator, with plenty of free quality articles for entrepreneurs, and an old-school, pop-up free design, like we truly appreciate. 



Tim Berry’s Blog

Unique case-studies, long guides, and fascinating writing make this blog the best resources for business planning online.


Escape From Corporate America!

A unique blog focusing on the reasons people leave their comfortable desk jobs and step into the world of small business ownership.


Small Business Computing

Variety of useful resources for small business owners.


Small Biz Survival

An informative resource for all small business stages – dreaming, doing and growing, and levelling up.


Barry Moltz’s Blog

#316 unique guides geared at small business owners, what more could you ask for? From Berry Moltz, a published author with 20 years of experience in founding and running businesses. 


Business Know How

One of the world’s first business blogs still gets the job done. A wealth of information available on a variety of topis.


Small Business Sense

Productivity hacking, branding, interviews, and everything else a respectable small business magazine should offer .


Small Business Labs covers the key social, technology and business trends impacting small business. .


Our 2015 FX Business Excellence Awards

World First FX

Top 10 Largest in the UK. Winner of multiple service-oriented awards. Shows superb consistency while being one of the largest currency companies in the UK. Shows tremendous values to businesses and especially online merchants.


A veteran multi-functional company, second largest in size the UK after the giant Western Union. Sought as an authoritative resource for currency for the expertise of the team. Used by work immigrants to large multi-national companies.

Currencies Direct

The truly global experience begins with Currencies Direct. Serving clients of all sizes, with a low minimum, worldwide, with no fixed-fees regardless of the transfer’s volume or destination. It provides a multitude of business services from hedging to online global payments, all in a friendly platform that can be used by small business owners.

Currency Solutions

The most diverse and sophisticated hedging offering for businesses, including exotic things for specific importers (for instance: contracts on precious metals). Besides that – the audience favorite with a staggering 9.9 / 10 Rating on TrustPilot making it the top-ranked Money service company in there.


Our 2015 Startup Award

Neema (

Truly banking for the unbanked, and helping immigrant works across the globe transfer funds home for a 1% fixed fee.  Neema uses the bitcoin infrastructure to help make remittances cheaper and fairer.


Due to popular demand, we have edited the page to add more great blog selections that make up a great read:

Matt Di Vincere

Matt Di Vincere is a digital content specialist. His main expertise is in the comparison of products, and simplification of complex concept into digestible journalistic pieces. He serves as the main editor of for the past 3 years, and writes some of the content and the reviews, as well as provides guidance to other writers. He is a world affair and history fanatic, especially modern history.

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