The Ideal Places to Migrate to in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is experiencing quite the economic boom and the reason for this is the plethora of different countries in the West that are trying to push socialist agendas. Eastern Europe at the present moment has many countries that are not only affordable, but that are also inviting to foreigners that want to start enterprises there. When ascertaining whether it is a good idea to relocate to a country in Eastern Europe, it is essential that you take into account the quality of life that you will live there and whether there is an eventual path to citizenship should you decide to reside there. If you are able to do this, you will find that there are many potential European countries that have the potential to be on your list of prospective locales to settle as an expat. Consider the following discussion when trying to figure out which country to settle in as an expat. 

Which Countries Are Both Employment and Foreigner Friendly?

Macedonia: Macedonia is a country that is not publicized often, which is surprising because it is quite beautiful. Not only is Macedonia beautiful, but is also quite financially stable for expats to consider. Whether you are thinking of starting a business or merely relocating there for an employment position, Macedonia is a wonderful place to consider for those that would like to get ahead financially and have a rewarding financial experience. Another aspect that stands out in Macedonia is that there is a path to citizenship for those that hire employees that begins with a residence permit and then waiting period to naturalize. 

Georgia: Georgia is surely a country to watch in the next ten years. It is one of the most capitalist countries in the world currently, which is a good asset to have for foreigners that want to reside there. The only issue with having a company in Georgia is that there are not many transfer companies that transfer their currency out of Georgia. That being said, it is very open to foreigners having offshore bank accounts. It is highly recommended that you consider Georgia as an investment now because, in a decade’s time, Georgia will be a very attractive place to be as an expat. 

Bulgaria: Bulgaria has an appeal in that it is a European Union country. This allows individuals to open up bank accounts in other European Union jurisdictions, which could prove to be quite convenient. Residency can be achieved in Bulgaria by creating jobs and making an investment. For those expats looking at a country that is periodically westernizing, Bulgaria is a great place to buy in now before the country becomes more expensive in the coming years. 

Serbia: Serbia is an interesting choice on this list in that it does have a more Eastern philosophy than others; however, it is on its way to making major changes in the coming years. Serbia has a very talented, yet affordable workforce. This creates a stimulating economy in Serbia that foreigners can take advantage of by bringing smaller businesses over from other countries. Serbia allows this and grants residency. The other perk to Serbia is that the country is quite beautiful and enjoyable for expats to reside in who are there for business or a long term holiday. 

Estonia: Estonia is one of the more innovative countries on this list in that it has digitalized nationality in a sense. The e-Residency program that Estonia offers makes the country very Western friendly because expats are able to obtain the e-Residency and then be a citizen after eight years. This is a major value for those that want to create a new life as an expat in Estonia. Estonia is open to foreign investment and is continually becoming more attractive to investors because it has a very high capability and level regarding information technology. Estonia’s economy is an ideal Western-friendly place to invest for expats. 

Final Remarks on the Subject 

What is important to remember is that there are many countries in Eastern Europe that offer a great deal to Westerners. Essentially, these economies are ripe for the taking when it comes to capitalism. The reason for this is that they are ready to make a great deal of capital and quickly. Western entrepreneurs that decide to relocate to these Eastern European countries are in for a pleasant surprise in that they will not only be able to live quite well, but they will be permitted through flexible immigration laws to fully integrate themselves into society. Thus, be sure that you consider some of these Eastern European countries when trying to decide whether it is wise to relocate to Eastern Europe as an expat. What you will find are very Western and modernized economies that are open for transformation.

Jacquelyn Vadnais

Jacquelyn Vadnais is a global traveler, blogger, writer, author, and entrepreneur with a JD/MBA/LL.M degree. To date, she has visited 50 countries, lived in 8, and hopes to see a great deal more of the world.

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