What to do Before Moving Abroad?

No matter where we live, there is this one place that we always wished we could live and work in and for most us, it is in some distant foreign land. Moving to live abroad is a big decision and is not like going on a vacation for self-discovery; you need to be organized and must plan ahead if you wish to see a decent future in the country you plan to move to, and overcome the psychological risk.

For Britons who wish to move to a new location, whether it is their profession that takes them their or just the wish to start afresh, it is important for you to do ample of research and have your transition from your homeland to the foreign one planned out.

These Expat tips will help you prepare to fit right into the new region you plan to move to. Just don’t forget to check our World’s Happiest Nations infographic before selecting your destination. If you are moving in order to study view our Top Studying Abroad Destinations article.

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When you reach your destination, as well-formulated as your plan may have occurred to you, you’ll soon discover predicaments will come your way. Everyone experiences it differently but a lot of us encounter financial hardships. A solid piece of advice would simply be to save your money for a rainy day. Jake, Surrey, Moved to the US in the early 2000's

Do Strong Homework

As obvious as this first tip sounds, it is too crucial to emphasize any less as your planning and homework is the foundation on which your future in the foreign country rests (and even about things like immigration visa form filling). If you already have a job in the country you are moving to, figure out the best places there are near your apartment (that too if you already have rented one). Finding the best transport services and the shortest routes to work, keeping a directory of all the emergency contacts and other important research is all a part of your bigger plan.

The Tips Before Moving Abroad

Have A Strong Network

thenetworkMoving to another country can be overwhelming and at many times lonely too. In this era of social networking building where Facebook and Twitter have connected event the most remote places to the world, use it to your advantage and develop a social network in the city you’re moving to, even before you start living there. Admittedly people can be different in person and they may not be the kind of people you would usually hang out with, but as they are the locals, they will your portal for interaction with other people and may even help you build useful contacts.

Have A Backup Plan

backupbuttonDon’t want to be the glass half empty kind of person, but this is among the Expat tips that need to be emphasized on in the beginning. Moving to a new place can be uncomfortable for people at the beginning, but for some, that feeling may never go. If you can’t live in the place anymore and want to move back to the UK, you must have a backup plan to reassess your assets and see what you could do to land on your feet when you get back home. Have a place back home where you could go back to and save some money, at least enough for a ticket home where you have the people you have lived with most of your lives to support you.

Make Efforts To Blend In

blacksheepinherdMoving from the UK into a country where the traditions are different and so is the language, life can be confusing at times and social activities may take a plunge. Invest your time into learning the language of the country before you move there and study about the culture to familiarize yourself with the people of the particular nation. Go out of your way to talk to people and make new friends and socialize with the people at your workplace, it will make the workplace a lively space to work in and help you connect with your colleagues on a personal level.

Keep Your Eating Habits In Check

Britons have a certain taste for foods and some of the things we eat may not go well with people of other countries. In the same way, the food that the locals eat may not be best suited according to your food and dietary habits. Keeping your health in check is one of the most important things you should do. Familiarize yourself with the nearby grocery stores and learn to cook for yourself, or find a home kitchen so that you can have a healthy home-cooked meal and avoid the unhealthy takeouts.

Save More Than You Need

If you have moved to the new country for your existing job or have found a good-paying job there, the chances are that your expenditure would be much less than it was in the UK. Use this to your advantage and be smart about where you spend, saving more money than you need to will come in handy to make strong future investments or even in the case of fallout. Maintaining a bank account in the foreign country is a good practice as it will help you make regular payments of the phone bills and electricity bills directly.

Connect With Other Britons

brit2It may seem downright weird to move to a foreign land and still hang out with the people from the UK, but this among the lifesaver Expat tips that are out there. Other people from the UK who have been living in the same city know everything about the region that you don’t. Things that may be troublesome for you to figure out, like the train route to downtown or where the nearest Laundromat is; they may be well familiarized with them. It will ease your transition into the foreign country to have a fellow Briton and there are many social websites that help you build connections with UK expats in different countries all around the world.

Make A Review Trip

relax and take notesWhether you’re moving to a new country for work or threw a dart and it landed there, you need to make a review trip before you finally move. Just like you would test drive a car before buying to know it feels, the same way you need to have an insight of what it is going to be like living in a different lifestyle and culture. This trip might be somewhat different than when you actually start living there, but you will know what you need to know before taking this huge step forward.

Final Conclusions on Moving Abroad & Doing So Right

Moving abroad, although a brave and well-planned decision it may be, is a life-changing opportunity to see the world from a different perception. All the hard work you put into planning and executing your relocation from the UK to a foreign country will pay off as you begin to enjoy it and realize how fruitful it has been. Keep these Expat tips in mind as you plan your future to ensure a smooth and adventurous life outside the UK.

Jacquelyn Vadnais

Jacquelyn Vadnais is a global traveler, blogger, writer, author, and entrepreneur with a JD/MBA/LL.M degree. To date, she has visited 50 countries, lived in 8, and hopes to see a great deal more of the world.

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Dean The Quizzerman
8 years ago

Pretty much the basics, but indeed if you don’t prepare your homework, you should encounter countless issues. I live in Thailand, and have witnessed people, especially Brits, go unbelievablely broke after just a short stay. It’s a combination of lack of steady income, paying tourist prices, and more women and liquor a man could handle.

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