Best Small Business Blog Awards 2017

Our 2017  Best Blog for Small Business Winners

Welcome to the’s 2017 Small Business Blog Awards. We run this list and update it each year. And as we always do –  we have conducted a comprehensive research to find the best small business resources available on the internet.

Use the list below to find the most credible and well-written blogs on the topic of small businesses, selected from over 500 blogs that were included in our research.

This comprehensive list of small business blogs is global, and the nature of the small business blogs appearing in is evergreen advice that can be applied to any small business, anywhere in the world.

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Top 6 Business Blogs In The World Today

Susan Solovic

Susan is the owner of, THE small business expert – one of the top small business blogs in the world. The blog covers a wide array of topics, from marketing, through strategic planning, small business statistics to conduct and ethic. Susan has written pieces for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal. Additionally, she wrote USA Today bestseller named It’s Your Biz (a highly recommended read by itself). Susan had multiple TV appearances and was formerly an ABC News Small Business Contributor.

Beyond supplying great business advice, she is one of the world’s most entertaining bloggers and authors. She can turn rather dull topics like organizational behaviour and growth, customer service, and finance into interesting and insightful reads.

With such an impressive track record, there’s no doubt in our minds that small business can benefit a lot through Susan’s blog or inviting her as a speaker.

When she received her Best Blog for Small Businesses award back in 2015, this is how she reacted: “It’s always a great honour to have someone take special note of the work I do to help small businesses, especially from a company that’s also concerned about small businesses and the consumer, like,” Solovic said when she learned about the award while presenting at the recent SXSW conference in Austin, Texas.

Start Up Professionals’ Blog

Marty Zwilling, whose writing has been published on Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, and Forbes appears once again on our best business blog list, as he did in 2015.

What we find most impressive about this blog is that every single word written in it has value. This is not the normal fluff you are used to in larger publications. Every single piece is well-researched, well-written with particular attention to detail, and most importantly – is actionable.

If you are a small business owner and for some reason have not been reading Start-Up Professionals you should repent for your sins and devote a few days to skim through the blog since its inception. You will not regret it.

Global Small Business Blog

Laurel Delaney is a successful entrepreneur, author and speaker with more than 25 years of experience in the field. She is a world-renowned guru in the areas of export and small businesses, the author of two books about this very topic, and her Global Small Business Blog is the best in this niche bar none.

If you want to learn everything that there is know about running a global business, tap into that blog, and learn about topics like running your overseas business, cross-marketing to an overseas audience, challenges for online sellers abroad and how to tackle them, and working with international distributes. Generally speaking, if you wish to know how to mend your business for success in this highly competitive field, this is your best starting point.

Tim Berry’s Blog at

Tim Berry is the owner and author of, and is also the CEO of Palo Alto Software which supplies software for small businesses. Additionally, he co-founded Borland, a massive software deployment company with sales of USD 172m annually. Prior to founding Palo Alto Software, Tim Berry was a senior executive in the valley.

With such an impressive resume, Tim Berry is definitely a person to lean from. His bplans blog shows start-up founders and small business owners how to build effective business plans, how to pitch their ideas and get funding, and how to use that funding to create sustainable company.

There are very few people that could teach you more than Tim Berry on how to build a successful business.

Small Biz Lady

Melinda F. Emerson, the “Small Biz Lady”, has 15 years of experience under her belt. She is an international speaker, New York Times columnist, a twitter persona, and a successful blogger with  a loyal fan base.

The popularity of her blog does not surprise us. Melinda is a talented writer with an insightful view on a variety of SME topics. —–

Some of her blog posts are ingenuous in nature, as they are not addressed on any other SME-facing website on the internet. She often uses crowd wisdom and attacks certain issues from several angles, showing a variety of possible solutions rather than dictating exactly what to do.

Chris Ducker (YOUPRENEUR)

Chris Ducker is an entrepreneurship guru with extensive experience in the field. He was a frustrated small-business owner himself back in 2009, until he geared up and pushed himself and his business to the 21st century.

Nowadays, his goal is to help small business owners of all shapes to get there as well. He is the found of YOUPRENEUER business community / academy where you get a 12-step course to ramp up your business and get the ins and outs of marketing and sales, but he shares his insights and ideas also on the Chris Ducker blog.

His strong points? Actionability beyond any reasonable doubt. Chris doesn’t wait long before he goes down to the nitty gritty, teaching you how to email market like a pro, or retain your customers and turn them into recurring clients.

More Recommended Reads

Do you want to read about more aspects relating to business in general? Here are some blogs we follow.

Small Business FX Blogs

As a website specialising in foreign exchange, we couldn’t finish this list without mentioning some of the better FX blogs out there.

World First FX

International Trade. Online selling. Currency predictions and forecasts. Analysis of events happening on the micro and the macro. WorldFirst’s blog is among the most professional in the business.

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Currencies Direct

Currencies Direct’s business blog is diverse, freshly updated, and has served as a very interesting read for prospective clients and business owners. With Currencies Direct’s blog, the focus seems to be much less on currency fluctuations, and more on how to manage your own business efficiently.

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