Best Expat Blogs in 2023

Relocating to another country is tough. There is no better way to get the nitty-gritty of expatriation than reading other people’s experiences. We have gathered the best expat blogs of 2021 below. For each destination, we have conducted extensive research and found one blog that we believe is the best for expats relocating there.

Congrats to all the winners and looking forward to your comments, shares and embedding the Expat Blog Award. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance or have any questions.

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** 2023 Edition – 50 Destinations **


Winner: Gay American In Argentina

The author moved to Argentina in June 2012 to start a new life there. The blog is about personal experiences, videos, photos and cultural comparisons that readers will find fascinating.

He further mentions there are many destinations apart from Buenos Aires that visitors can try out. For instance, Bolivar is a nice little town found approximately 6hrs away from the metropolitan district of La CABA. It offers a nice serene environment for visitors to relax away from the hustle and bustle of big city life.

Jorge’s photos and enticing writing will ensure you, the reader, will read every post all the way through and enjoy it.



  Winner: A Nesting Nomad

Rachel moved to Sydney from the UK with her husband in 2017. Her blog is her personal rambling space, where she shares her emigration experience.

Every month, she posts a “summary” of what that month has been like, and she discusses the good- the upside and thrills of living in Sydney-, the bad and the unspeakable ugly.

She also focuses on nutrition and expat life, with stories from other expats worldwide. She also shares her travel stories from all over the world, as she has been to the USA, France, Turkey, Hungary, Cambodia, and a host of other countries.



Winner: Hello and Hallo

This blog is owned by Chelsea, a California-born expat currently staying in Austria. It provides readers with informative tips on how to make the most of this beautiful eastern European country when visiting, including the best travel destinations, restaurants and cultural norms to expect from the locals.

Chelsea first moved to Austria in 2016, following on her partner’s dream of living in another country outside the U.S. After coming over, she first wasn’t sure of whether she would adapt into the country’s culture, but after a few months, she overcame her anxiety and embraced the adventure of learning about the Austrian way of life and sharing this wonderful experience with her followers.



Winner: Time Well Spent

Time Wellspent is an interesting blog that gives expats living in Bahrain tips on how to enjoy life while living there. The site is owned by Jaina who is a UK born & bred woman who recently migrated to Bahrain in 2014.

After living in the region for 3yrs, Jaina says that she now understands various perspectives about the small middle-east country. She describes Bahrain as a laid back and friendly place, with a culturally diverse atmosphere. In fact, according to her blog, Bahrain was recently named one of the globe’s best expat destinations, which indicates that many people seem to enjoy living in the country.



Winner: Papel com Clips

Papel com Clips is the brainchild of Marília Assis Breite, a young lady living as an expat in Leuven, Flanders, Belgium. Her goal for starting this site is to take people through her journey of discovering this country, which she describes as the best place to find quality beer and chocolate.

Even though Marília has been staying in the country for well over 4yrs, she claims to be still finding out new and exciting places to share on her blog. One of these regions is Genk, a city located in Limburg province and sitting on the economically vibrant Albert Canal. The region has everything to offer visitors, including the world-acclaimed Tim Burton exhibition, De Wijers natural reserve and even traditional restaurants such as Partaasch.



 Winner: Brazil Road Trips

This site is meant for readers who want to explore the Brazilian outdoors from a biker’s perspective. It was started by Raf Kiss, a Belgian native who’s been staying in Brazil as an expat since January 2009.

Raf is an adventurer, travel guide, singer and more importantly a motorbike and outdoors fan who relocated to Brazil to begin a new life and tour its expansive countryside. So far, he’s already explored the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro, Chapada Diamantina canyons, the Espirito Santo coffee & pineapple estates, the pristine beaches, and the coastal forests that dot its border with the Atlantic Ocean.



Winner: Bulgarian Slivatree

Bulgarian Slivatree is a living-guide blog for those visiting Bulgaria for the first time. The site was launched by Martin MY, a UK citizen currently staying and working in Yambol City, Bulgaria.

Martin first came to Bulgaria in 2005 and had been staying in the village side, until a short while ago when he decided to migrate to the city, and start living with his wife Galia in one of the apartment blocks in Yambol.

This blog gives readers quick tips on how to stay healthy as an expat living in Bulgaria. Inside, the author has posted various fitness programs that you can try at your own free time, including the best places to get healthy vegetarian and fish delicacies in the country.



Winner: The Travelling Hams

It’s a family food-blog that takes readers through the journey of the Cunninghams, which consists of a young couple and their twin toddlers, travelling through the world while sampling and reviewing foods from different countries they visit.

The family has already lived in 4 countries and visited 18 others across the globe. They created this site to share their travel stories, and give followers insights on the best dining destinations worldwide.

One of the cities they recommend for foodies is Dubai, which consists of multiple Michelin-starred eateries that serve both local Emirati cuisine and a few select international dishes. These restaurants provide a great opportunity for lifestyle travellers, who want to sample something different from what they’re used to back at home.



Winner: Brown Bear Travels

Emma and Stewart – authors of Brown Bear Travels – moved to Canada from the UK last year, with the idea of finding a job while using the opportunity to travel. They’re funny and adorable and really do their best to understand everything about Canada (including the sports).

They’ve uncovered some of the hidden gems in Toronto and throughout the country, including all the bargains and freebies available to anyone on a budget.

We chose them for their excitement with every new day they spend in Canada.



Winner: Sara Jaaksola

Sara Jaaksola is a Finnish lady who moved to Guangzhou, China in March 2010, and has since been residing in the country as an expat. Her blog gives followers tips on the Chinese culture and language so that they can find it easier to blend in once they visit.

Besides Guangzhou, Sara has also travelled to other regions in the country including Chengdu, Guilin, Pingyao and Xi’an, with exciting stories to tell in some of these areas which she’s catalogued in the blog. The author also teaches Mandarin to those who are interested in learning the language, having studied the Chinese language at the University of Sun Yat-Sen.



Winner: The Cali Adventurer

The Cali Adventurer blog was started by Patrick, a Danish citizen living in the Colombian city of Cali since August 2013. He stays in the vibrant Colombian city with his girlfriend and two daughters.

While growing up in Denmark, Patrick developed an early liking for travelling, and soon after completing high school, ventured into the stocks business to raise enough money to tour the world. The resources allowed him to travel to Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

He moved to Cali, Colombia after dropping out of university with the dream of taking a break from the hectic life back at home. The site gives readers tips on the best touring destinations in Cali, places to see and general native culture.



Winner: Go Hvar

Go Hvar is an island expedition blog which was started by Marion and her Croatian husband, Zdravko Podolski, they first toured the small Croatian island of Hvar in April 2008 in search of peace and rest from their hectic high-tech lifestyle. This beautiful seaside destination basks in plenty of sunshine and tranquillity, plus has lots of fun places to discover for those seeking some cool island adventure.

One of these venues is Dvigrad, which is a medieval town found in Drago valley and linking from Pazin to the oceanfront. This town has an underground river which emerges at Lim channel and is prehistorically used as a course-way to inland Istria.



Winner: A Matter of Choice

This site is owned by Emma, a young British lady who moved to Cyprus in 2009 together with her then 5-month-old baby and partner. She founded this blog on September 2009 as a way of recording her life experiences in Cyprus, even though she had still been blogging on other topics since April 2008.

Emma believes that destiny is something people need to willingly pursue since it doesn’t come around by chance, which is one of the reasons she started blogging in the first place.



Winner: Adventurings

It’s a lifestyle, travel, personal musings and recipes blog started by Cynthia, an American expat currently residing in South Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Previously working and living in Seattle, Washington, Cynthia had always dreamed of relocating to Europe and beginning a new life there.

This goal came to pass in August 2012, when together with her then-boyfriend and now-husband Alex they moved to Scotland, then a year later relocated to South Bohemia in the Czech Republic where they’ve been residing up to date. Her blog covers topics such as; local cooking styles, learning the native language, and random exploits she undertakes every few days.



Winner: My New Danish Life

My New Danish Life is a blog by Kelly, a US expat living in rural Jutland, Denmark, since 2016. The blog, as well as her youtube channel, showcases life in Denmark and the big cultural differences between the two countries. So, if you think about moving to Denmark, her blog is a must for you “Resources list”.

She is very active on social media, so check out her content on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Winner: Oregon Girl Around The World

It’s an informative travel site that gives families insights on some of the best destinations to visit worldwide during the holiday seasons. This blog was launched by Erin, an Oregon girl who has visited many countries globally and wants to share some of her top tour sites with readers.

Erin resides in Copenhagen, Denmark with her family of 5 after moving there in 2014. Her personal life motto is that when you open up to the world, it will embrace you in return, and that’s the reason why she likes meeting new people, learning about their stories and finding out how these experiences have impacted on their lives.



Winner: Todd Talk in Ecuador

This site is the brainchild of Todd, an American expat currently staying in Ecuador with his family. He updates readers daily about his activities, random thoughts and expeditions living in this beautiful South American country. The author also gives visitors tips on purchasing items in the local market and using public transport.

Additionally, Todd describes the Ecuadorian weather as phenomenal since the sun is usually up most days, allowing you to have lunch by the beachside, whether it’s a freshly-caught fried fish or lobster barbecue. If interested, you can also lay in your hammock till sunset and watch the sun sink in the horizon with its orange rays scattered all over the ocean’s surface.



Winner: Vanilla Papers

Vanilla Papers is a simple-living blog owned by Dee, a writer and photographer from Poland who was raised in America but presently stays in Cairo, Egypt with her partner and two pets.

The author is passionate about the need for people to slow down and enjoy their life at the moment while visiting Egypt so that they can have a fulfilling time and great memories when they go back home. Dee believes that taking time to interact with other cultures and environments as a tourist is life-changing, rather than hurrying up with your tour and not understanding the host country’s way of life at a much deeper level.



Winner: Alina (Expat in Estonia)

Expat In Estonia is an exciting blog owned by Alina, an expatriate who’s been living in Estonia since Aug 2016. The author currently resides in the town of Tallinn, she migrated to the region after 6yrs studying and working as an expatriate in Denmark. In the blog, Alina describes that she loves playing the piano, travelling, writing, video production and generally leading a healthy lifestyle.

She’s also fascinated by the cuisine, which is one of a kind. Among her favourite local foods is Kohuke-Curd snack, a tasty curd that’s covered in chocolate glaze. Another sumptuous meal is Mulgipuder, a traditional Estonian meal made of barley and potato.



Winner: Chantae Was Here

This award-winning adventure blog was started by Chantae, an expat residing in Suva, Fiji and addicted to water sports activities and expeditions. Her mission for this site is to share every possible underwater adventure, action sports and motivating guide with the readers.

The blog gives followers in-depth insights on how to tour the globe as a modern-day adventurer, especially Fiji where she’s currently staying. So far, Chantae has managed to participate in activities such as scuba diving, surfing, snowboarding, kitesurfing and bungy jumping, and has a few words of advice to share with those who may want to delve into these extreme sports as well.



Winner: The Elephant Mum

It’s the idea of Paola, a married woman and mother of two currently residing in Finland with her family, which she proudly refers to in the blog as her Clan. She pens her journey as part of a multicultural family living in Europe, including matters to do with adoption since her son was brought into the household through the international adoption program.

Furthermore, Paola says Finland is among the best countries worldwide to bring up a family since everyday life is surrounded by natural beauty. For instance, there’s a lush forest starting right outside their doorstep, which is ideal for outdoor family activities such as biking, bird watching and nature walking.



Winner: Jennifer (American Mom in Bordeaux)

The American Mom in Bordeaux has a special appreciation for her opportunity to absorb a “new” culture. She has been living in Bordeaux for 4 years already, but her enthusiasm for new experiences has not softened.

Jennifer brings insights into how to ease kids into a new country, as well as get used to them becoming almost indigenous to the land.

Her unique descriptions and constant verve for French living made her the perfect choice.



 Winner: Erin at Large

This is a family life, cuisine & style blog owned by Erin, a Canadian blogger currently living in southern Germany with her son Elliot. Erin describes herself as a big fan of cooking, castles, history, fine wine, whisky and tulips, plus she also recently developed a liking for ethical sourcing of organic food in her neighbourhood.

In the small German town where they call home, the family is bordered by large expanses of farms, apiaries and vineyards, something that has encouraged Erin to start growing her own vegetables and fruits, as well as keeping bees. For her blogging work, Erin has won several awards, including the Top 100 Family Travel Blog, Best Germany Expat Blog and Ultimate Blogger Top 30.



 Winner: Amanda (Olive, Feta & Ouzo)

Olive, Feta and Ouza is about Amanda and her family. Amanda lives on the Greek island of Rhodes and gives a pretty full account of what she experiences as an expat, and a resident of Greece.

Not only does she write about her life and adventures, but she also tackles serious topics as well, such as the refugee crisis. Her eloquent opinions are not to be taken lightly.

We chose Amanda for her candidness and courage to tackle the hard stuff.



Winner: Blue Balu

It’s a lifestyle blog about the culture, go-to sites and everyday happenings of Hong Kong and its environs, as seen from the perspective of a couple residing in the popular Southeast Asian city-state. The author and her husband have 2 children and a cat and they share the same roof.

For visitors, one of the best family destinations that Blue Balu recommends is Penang, which is a beautiful lush-green island just a short flight away from mainland Hong Kong, boasting an abundance of fruits and exotic spices which will make your food & dining experience memorable. In terms of accommodation, the blog recommends Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa which has nice spacious rooms, manicured garden, a spa and relaxing pools for both children and adults.



Winner: Our Year In Bali

This blog catalogues the Simone family’s two-year-long adventure on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali. Originally from Sydney, Australia, they relocated to Bali on 5th January 2016 and stayed there for the next 2yrs after finding it an interesting place. The site talks about their personal experiences relocating to Bali, and also provides consultation services to those in the decision-making and planning stage of moving to this country.

Bali is a magical island with quality schools for your expat kids to transition to, as well as a magnificent outdoor environment full of unexplored hills, lakes, tropical forests and a stunning beachside that your family will cherish.



Winner: Melinda Gallo

The blog was launched by Melinda Gallo, a writer, blogger, photo lover and athlete who’s been living in Florence, Italy as an expat since 2004. She describes the city as magical and never lacking in fun activities that visitors can engage in, whether it’s visiting the local museums & churches, relaxing in the municipal gardens or sightseeing over the bridges.

The city’s laidback and charming atmosphere gives visitors a feeling of love, thus making it an ideal destination for couples looking for the perfect getaway holiday venue. Moreover, standing over the Ponte Santa Trinita Bridge during sunset, you can take photos while watching the river waters below turn a beautiful orange from the sky’s reflection.



 Winner: The Wadas On Duty

It’s a travel guide blog that gives readers tips on things to do, places to see and fun activities to try when visiting Japan. The site was debuted by Mr Wada, an expat living the good life in this bustling Asian country. For those looking to unwind, Wadas recommends Miyajima as the most affordable and quality camping site in the country.

Upon entering the area, you’ll be welcomed by meek and friendly deer sitting by the sidewalks, and a short distance down the main street connecting to the park, you can buy fresh oysters and other local delicacies which can be carried over to your camping spot.



 Winner: Happy Go KL

It’s a family blog that provides tips on the best tour sites for those visiting Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with their children. The site is managed by a group of native Kuala Lumpur parents who want to help other parents with insights on family-friendly destinations in the area.

One of the venues is the MBO Kecil family movie theatre which is a great place to unwind during the weekend while munching on popcorn and some refreshing soda. The cinema hall also has a mini playground that’s well-cushioned just below the screen, where toddlers can run around if they don’t feel like sitting with their parents to watch movies.



 Winner: Moving on, up and away

The blog was launched by Rhi, an English woman who travelled to Malta in 2010 on a one-way flight and has since been living in the central Mediterranean archipelago up to date. This culturally-rich European country is famous for its ancient fortresses once ruled by Romans, French, Moors and even St. John Knights.

Initially, this site was just a personal online diary where Rhi expressed her thoughts and experiences moving to Malta with friends, but it has since grown to become a real-life guide for anyone looking to relocate and live in the region. The writer gives followers insights on matters such as; opening a bank account, renting an apartment, finding a job and also the ideal places to eat and have fun.



 Winner: I Becoming Dutch

This local expat travel blog delves into the author’s domestic travel excursions in Netherlands, with particular emphasis on the culture and lifestyle of Haarlem, Amsterdam as well as its surrounding regions.

For those looking for a special Dutch shopping experience, the blogger proposes the Westergasfabriek Sunday Market which is open on the first Sunday of each month. Here you can find everything from jewellery, kids’ clothing, local cheese delicacies and organic food among other interesting items. In terms of sightseeing, you can visit the elegant twin-steepled De Krijtberg cathedral found along the Singelgracht road. I Becoming Dutch has received several recognitions for quality blogging such as; the Top 20 Expat Blogs by and 2018 Reis Blogs Award.



 Winner: Adventures with Pete

The blogger started this site as a way of documenting her journey relocating from New Zealand to the U.S with Pete, who’s her husband. The couple met in 2013 after the author moved back to San Francisco Bay following the end of her English-teaching career oversees, while Pete was at the time working as a programmer in San Francisco after being transferred from New Zealand.

After a brief stay in the city, the two decided to relocate to New Zealand in order to learn a new culture, explore the outdoors through hiking and enjoy local food like sausage rolls, which she finds to be quite tasty. The couple also loves camping and travelling to different places around the country.



 Winner: My Little Norway

This fun blog is managed by L-Jay, an Australian-born who’s been residing in Norway as an expat for the last 15yrs. The blogger is involved in multiple activities such as dog sledging, fat biking in ice, collecting blueberries in the wild and taking beautiful photos of the country’s majestic outdoors. She also enjoys fishing for salmon in Norway’s pristine rivers.

The site was initially just a photography blog, but as its number of followers steadily grew over the years L-Jay began writing her personal experiences and posting videos as well, in order to keep up with her viewers’ ever-increasing curiosity about her everyday life in Norway.



 Winner: The Panama Adventure

This is an adventure travel site started by Kris, a retired registered-nurse from Florida, U.S who moved to Panama in 2012 together with her husband Joel who’s a singer. The couple settled in the laidback province of Chiriqui, which is just a short distance away from the country’s border with Costa Rica.

Panama Adventure is a recollection of their experiences in the region through photography and storytelling. Initially, the blog was only meant to keep family & friends updated with their adventures, but it has since grown to include a much larger audience of fans interested in knowing what Panama has to offer for visitors.



Winner: Texan in the Philippines

The site is owned by UJ, a Connecticut-born but Texan native who’s married to a Filipina woman, and together they have a single grownup child. The couple moved from the U.S to Philippines in May 2010 and have been staying there ever since.

For tourists, he says that summer is the best time to visit due to the plenty of sunshine, warm seas and white sands which are there to welcome you. You can also tour the famous Agila, which forms part of the Enchanted Kingdom found in Santa Rosa, Laguna. Those who love exploring the outdoors will also find the Tarrangban Falls in San Joaquin amazing, particular considering that it can only be accessed through a half-hour trek uphill.



Winner: One Tiny Leap

This is an exciting family travel blog that catalogs the experiences of one household currently living in Lisbon, Portugal. So far, they have spent more than 2yrs in the Portuguese capital but still continue to discover amusing things about this metropolis on a regular basis.

The site aims to help families planning to visit the region with tips on accommodation, attraction sites and activities to do. They advise travellers to begin planning their trip early, and also check the weather in advance so as to ensure they arrive during the appropriate months. Lisbon also has quality kids’ destinations such as theme parks and playgrounds, where the youngsters can interact with their peers while having fun.



Winner: Susie of Arabia

Susie started the blog, an American woman married to a native Saudi Arabian man. The couple had been staying in the U.S for more than 30yrs, until recently when her husband made the decision for them to relocate back to Saudi Arabia.

Though the move dazzled her initially, Susie has since blended into the country’s culture and describes her experience living there as “amazing”. According to her, Saudi has an impressive history, superb food and warm people who are always ready to welcome you in their shops and restaurants. You only need to watch out for the daytime heat, which may sometimes get unbearable during the afternoons.




Winner: Me in Blogland

The site talks about various topics such as travel, food, books and movies among many others. It’s the idea of Megha, a young girl born in Oldham, UK but whose family has been relocating to various countries around the world including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and India since her childhood. Currently, Megha lives in Singapore with her family consisting of a husband and two fraternal twin girls, she describes the city as a vibrant, colourful and multicultural place where visitors will enjoy.

When Megha isn’t at work as a Cancer Researcher, or having fun with her daughters, she mostly likes cooking and trying out new recipes that she regularly shares on the blog. Her other hobbies include listening to music, shopping, dining at local restaurants and even outdoor activities.



 Winner: Sine (Joburg Expat)

Sine lived in South Africa from 2010 until 2013, but still blogs about her experiences there. She does a particularly good job of clarifying the realities of living in a country, on a continent, that is often entirely misunderstood by outsiders.

Johannesburg, a city viewed as dangerous and unknown, is seen through her eyes as a “normal” city with its own particular charms (mostly the sun).

Her clarity in describing the country’s cultural context makes her our choice for South Africa (also, her decision to name one of her daughters “Impatience” gives her a special appeal!).



 Winner: Seoulinspired

This site is the brainchild of Ethan Brooke, a foreign student currently studying in Seoul’s Korea University as an undergraduate. The author has a keen interest in photography and writing, which is one of the main reasons why he started this blog in the first place. His goal is to give readers a first-hand experience of Seoul’s invigorating lifestyle, by posting quality photos of various places he’s visited around the city and also giving his own written opinions about them.

As a blogger, Ethan values honesty and every content he posts online is factual and based on research or real-life experiences. Through his writing, he hopes to highlight various aspects of Seoul, from its nightlife to dining spots and the best places to see.



 Winner: Your Third Life

Born in Thailand, Jiab is a smart, thoughtful and learned woman with a degree in Industrial Engineering from Chulalongkorn University. She started this blog with her husband Jim to share their experiences as a blended Thai Buddhist/ American Jewish family with the world.

Jiab believes that women shouldn’t be afraid to pursue their dreams no matter where it takes them. She’s the first person in her family to travel to the U.S, marry outside their culture, and a pioneer Asian woman in the American banking industry.

On his part, Jim is a sports enthusiast who’s particularly interested in martial arts and tennis. He also works full-time as a teacher and litigation lawyer with a personal motto: “Dignity is overrated”.



 Winner: The Northern Itinerary

It’s an expat & travel blog owned by Heloise, a Saint-Malo, France native who’s currently staying and working in the Swedish country of Stockholm. Heloise describes herself as an explorer who loves visiting new places, including attractions in her own local city.

The journey to relocate to Sweden started soon after she completed her Bachelor’s degree, then opted to study abroad for her master program. After completing her postgraduate, Heloise found work in Sweden, got an apartment and has since been living in the country up to now. The author further explains that she enjoys living by the seaside due to its serene environment, and baking whenever she finds time.



 Winner: Foreigners in Taiwan

This site is owned by American expats who’ve been staying and working in Taiwan for many years. Coming to the country for the first time, they had to adapt to its culture and local language the tough way, but after a few months, the bloggers became accustomed to Taiwan’s way of life and even learnt how to communicate in their dialect, as seen on the blog which has a couple of words from the native language.

They laud Taiwan as one of the friendliest places for foreigners to settle and do business, but even those who only want to visit will find interesting places to see and fun activities to participate in such as street shopping, mountaineering and traditional dining.

Website: https//


Winner: Richard Barrow in Thailand

The site was started by Richard Barrow, a U.K expat who’s been staying in Thailand for the past 23yrs. He pursues blogging as a hobby while working fulltime as a teacher during the daytime. Richard posts mostly about travel news and tips on the best touring destination in the country.

Moreover, having learnt a bit of the local language you may occasionally find a few Thai words and phrases on his blog, as he also seeks to educate locals about the wonders of their native country Thailand. He also encourages visitors to try out the tasty Thai Street Food found in Bang Rak district, or visit the misty Northern Thailand forests if they are looking for some adventure.



Winner: Growing Up Two

The blog is a special guide on family travel & parenting, as seen from the perspective of a British mum staying in Turkey. Its owner, Sam Ozer, is a social media enthusiast, freelance writer, blogger and happy mother of two twin boys.

Originally from Birmingham U.K, she relocated to Fethiye which is found along Turkey’s magnificent Turquoise coast and has since been living there. It’s also in this country that she met her husband Unal who is the father to her twin boys, Harvey and Dominik. She explains that her kids motivated her to blog about motherhood and Turkey in general. Furthermore, Ozer encourages readers to collaborate with her if they’re interested in writing a guest post on the blog.



 Winner: Footsteps of a Wanderer

It’s an informative travel & outdoor blog owned by Samantha Dancy, a young lady who gives tips, recommendations and advice for those visiting The Middle East, UAE and other select destinations worldwide. The site acts as a platform for tourists and explorers to mingle and share stories about their various explorations.

For those looking for adventure, Samantha recommends flying on the UAE zip-line which is the longest in the world and reaches speeds of up to 120-150km/hr with the wind gently breezing past you for an even more thrilling experience. The blog’s motto is “Not everyone who wanders is lost“, which encourages readers to explore the world without any restrictions.



 Winner: Tea Time in Wonderland

This is a London, travel & cuisine blog that also gives tips for adventurers around the globe through quality guest posts. It was started by Coralie, a blogger currently staying in London and a travel addict. She likes taking photos of various places she visits around London with her Canon camera, and then posting them online, whether it’s the famous London Bridge or local restaurants. Tea Time also gives insight on the best kids’ destinations and romantic getaways for couples visiting London.

On a personal level, Coralie is a foodie who likes chocolate, caffeine, fine cocktails and French fries, plus during the day you can easily spot her around London wearing her trademark yellow Petit Bateau overalls and colourful Vivobarefoot shoes.



 Winner: French Bias

Marie is a French lady who’s currently residing in Germany with her husband Aaron, an American, and two children Loulou and Choupette. She began this blog to give inspiration and parenting tips to bilingual/multilingual families and readers seeking to combine French and American lifestyles in their everyday lives.

Marie and Aaron have been married for more than 10yrs, plus have learnt to raise a family together despite their language and cultural differences. The author believes raising multicultural kids requires special attention and support, which she hopes to give through this blog. Readers will also find useful, informative, motivational and practical posts on French Bias which can be applied to improve their families’ cohesion.


Matt Di Vincere

Matt Di Vincere is a digital content specialist. His main expertise is in the comparison of products, and simplification of complex concept into digestible journalistic pieces. He serves as the main editor of for the past 3 years, and writes some of the content and the reviews, as well as provides guidance to other writers. He is a world affair and history fanatic, especially modern history.

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Victoria @TheBritishBerliner
5 years ago

Thanks so much. Very honoured to be awarded best expat blog 2017 – Germany!
Keep it up!

5 years ago

I’m sure many expats around the world will benefit from this very detailed post.

Delighted and honoured to have received the award for the best expat blog 2017 – Estonia. Thank you very much!

MissSJ @ Live in Belgium
5 years ago


A pleasant surprise to catch my blog here in MTC. I am really honoured to be chosen as one of the “Best Expat Blog 2017” for Belgium! Yes, please to embed and share the post to my other social media platforms! Thank you very much! :>

Marília Breite
3 years ago

Many thanks for the 2019 best exapt blogger of Belgium!

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3 years ago

Hello,Id love you to consider my blog The Expat Mummy for the Kenya awards next year. Thanks a mill

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