Best Currency Blogs for 2018 – Analysis & Forecast

Whether you’re an expat or a small business owner who needs to transfer money abroad, or a speculative trader who wishes to excel in forex options trading, we have listed the Best Currency Prediction and Analysis Blogs for 2018 for you.

This list includes reliable, frequently updated, resources that will help you form a better understanding of the topic, and assist you with making foreign currency trades at the right time.

This list is not sorted by any particular order. All blogs appearing on this list are highly recommended by us.

Trader Sphere

Web Address:


This blog was setup by an expat Russian former trader after working in the City of London for 15 years, and now living in Australia.

The blog provides a regular stream of insightful posts with alternative commentary of current affairs, politics and the financial arena. In addition to dissecting the macro-economic machinations of today, the blog also delves into microcosmic, spiritual inward-looking topics expressed in a vivid and mind-blowing way including satire and poetry.

This blog has been around since 2013 and has rapidly amassed a cult following because of its intense belligerence towards government authority, accepted cultural norms and political correctness which are all ceremonially discarded and trampled upon entry.

This is the kind of stuff mainstream media and the financial elite wants to put a lid on — which is why it scoops the Expat Blog of the Year Award for 2016.

Update: In fact, shortly after discovering this great blog, we hired the author to be a part of our regular staff. As perfect combination between a foreign exchange expert and an expat, he has proved to be our top writer for the site and you can read more about him and our other writers on our about us page.

Currency Thoughts

Web Address:

larry-greenberg-blog-final1-300x222 - CopyLarry Greenberg created this blog as an effort to educate the public about how international events are tied to currency changes. Being a currency veteran himself, he is a great source to have the knowledge of how to highlight certain global events and their direct effect on the currency.

What makes Larry’s blog really unique is that he also has a current events section that is not tied to any particular market or currency pairing – instead, it provides a daily early-bird summary of events which we find extremely helpful.

Marc to Market

Web Address:

marcchandlerMarc to Market is an interesting take for a currency/economy blog to make in that it focuses on the United States Dollar’s pertinent role on the global economy as a whole, both directly, and indirectly.

Marc Chandler has more than 25 years of experience working in global financial banks and investment groups. In fact, he is quoted in the New York Times Financial Section on a regular basis, as well as many other notable publications. His vast expertise reflects on the depth and quality of his analysis.

Kathy Lien

Web Address:

kathylienKathy Lien is an internationally published author in various titles to include: “The Little Book of Currency Trading,” “Millionaire Traders: How Everyday People Are Beating Wall Street at its Own Game,” and “High Probability Trading Setups for the Currency Market.” Kathy serves as a managing director of BK Asset Management.

Kathy has become an authority on currency forecasting due to her impressive history of graduating from NYU at 18, working at JP Morgan Chase, and ties to the Asian markets. Kathy’s blog focuses on how to forecast trades across markets. Due to her unique experience, her blog has become an authority on the subject.

Jarratt Davis

Web Address:

jarrattJarrat Davis is the head of trading and strategy for an FCA approved investment firm headquartered in London which manages more than $250m in assets. He takes pride in the fact he started off as a retail trader and climbed up the corporate ladder by himself.

He maintains one of the most insightful and frequently updated blogs in the field. Some of his posts deal with significant economic news, others are elaborated weekly forecasts for the most trade-able currencies, and some analyze one particular currency top to bottom.

Earn Forex

Web Address:

Andriy-MoraruAndriy Moraru established this blog in 2006, and it is one of few blogs of its kind established this early which are still operating to this day. Over the course of the years, the site has made a terrific advancement – what started as a personal trading blog has turned out to be a full-blown commercial business with multiple authors and sophisticated functionality.

EarnForex is one of the most comprehensive forex blogs, covering everything there is to know about the topic. From currency prediction, through broker analysis, to automated trading script writing and fx signals. Thus is an invaluable source of knowledge for both newcomers and experts.

Forex Crunch

Web Address:

Yohay_400x400Forex Crunch was founded by Yohay Elam in 2008 and serves as an excellent resource for currency predictions since then. There are accurate and elaborate weekly predictions for all major currency pairs, as well as economy news and plenty of software and broker reviews.

Yohay’s site is known for providing a light-hearted and humorous take on the forex market. Using this approach and thousands of hours invested in writing, the blog has turned into a viable forum for the industry experts.

Vladimir Ribakov

Web Address:

vladimir-ribakovVladimir Ribakov is a professional forex and commodity trader turned mentor. He has been actively trading for 11 years, starting off on his own, and later on, learnt the secrets of the trade (literally!) from hedge fund managers and through working for various brokerages.

He has one of the most visually appealing websites in the industry, with a full-fledged community and a paid VIP section, and his blog is completely free to use and contains daily technical analysis of the most popular currency pairings.


Web Address:

This is our new addition to the list for 2018. Deb Shaw, an enthusiastic young man with vast experience in multiple payments companies including World First,, and GAIN approached us to review his new blog MarketsNOW and we immediately liked it. MarketsNOW is (still) not as comprehensive, as detailed, or as insightful as other currency blogs but it is easy on the eyes, focused and a great place to update on the current trends in 10 minutes a day or less.

TorFX’s Blog

Web Address: 

torfxnewlogoTorFX is one of the top recommend firms on MTC. It provides unparalleled service and superb pricing for both private and corporate clients. You can read the full TorFX Review here.

TorFX also maintains a visually appealing, frequently updated, blog. The blog deals with a variety of topics like overseas property investments, relocation guides, and company news, but above all, it deals with currency forecast and does so exceptionally. Posts are written in plain language and provide forecasts which seem to be extremely accurate and helpful for people who need to send money abroad and wait for the right timing to do so.

 Looking for additional candidates to join this list

Great currency-focused blogs are somewhat scarce. If you operate a blog in this vertical or know of a good blog which is worth adding to this list, please do not hesitate and contact us via our About Us contact form. Please avoid sending us overly promotional or overly commercial websites, or ones that are own by any foreign exchange firm; We look for a genuine blogger who writes about their objective currency insights.

Looking for another great list similar to this? Take a look at our Best Blogs for Small Businesses.

Matt Di Vincere

Matt Di Vincere is a digital content specialist. His main expertise is in the comparison of products, and simplification of complex concept into digestible journalistic pieces. He serves as the main editor of for the past 3 years, and writes some of the content and the reviews, as well as provides guidance to other writers. He is a world affair and history fanatic, especially modern history.

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6 years ago

Thank you very much. I am very glad and honored.

Forex Crunch listed in Best Currency Blogs for 2016 – Analysis & Forecast | Forexert
6 years ago

[…] This has been quite a week for Forex Crunch: after winning the Best Buy Side Analysis Contributor in FXStreet’s Best Awards 2016, Forex Crunch has been listed in the best currency blogs for 2016 – Analysis & Forecast in Money Transters Comparison’s list. […]

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Azizonomics, by John Aziz, discusses economics at the intersection of technology and futurism, whichВ results in some very thoughtful and absorbing posts like the economics of building the US-Mexico wall. Jeff Miller runs Dash of Insight, a blog that showcasesВ a hands-on approach to trading and investing. This approach is coupled with an instinctive and detailed analysis of market and economic trends.

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

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Very good blog post on Best Currency Blogs for 2018. I definitely appreciate this website.
Do you have the list of Russian top 10 Forex site idea?

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