Money Transfer Comparison: The Magazine

This section of Money Transfer Comparison deals with all the content that goes outside the realm of international money transfer directly. Whereas our main website is focused on reviewing and comparing the best international money transfers in UK, USA, Australia and Canada, this part of our website, namely the magazine, is all about empowering our readers with useful information that should serve as background for those who have interest and/or requirements that have to do with international payments and foreign exchange in general.

On our frequently updating magazine you can find useful information such as SWIFT codes and how numbers on card work, the current economic calendar, to learning about how currencies move – like how economical events are impacting currencies, how inflation impacts currency rates, how the LIBOR rate works and impacts currencies, and how terrorism and war impact currency rates.

The Guide

This guide will help you navigate through relevant resources to be found on our magazine, our main website ( as well as carefully selected external resources that will help you wrap your head around how the economy works, how foreign exchange works, and why foreign exchange rates always fluctuate and what they depend upon.

Swift Codes

SWIFT codes are an essential component of international banking, allowing for financial transactions to be conducted quickly and efficiently between different countries. They are unique identifiers used in international banking, consisting of 8-11 characters that identify a specific bank or branch. Banks use these codes to transfer money between each other, making it easier for individuals and businesses to move their funds around the world with confidence.

We have discussed in great length what SWIFT codes are and how they work, and we also collected all the codes for every bank and branch in some of the most popular countries in the world. But what will the future hold for this system with the impending blockchain adoption? Will Ripple become a real competitor? If the FinTech industry will actually provide a robust system that can get rid of the high transactional fees, anything can happen.

Australia SWIFT codesGermany SWIFT codesRomania SWIFT codes
Andorra SWIFT codesGreece SWIFT codesSouth Africa SWIFT codes
Belgium SWIFT codesHong Kong SWIFT codesSpain SWIFT codes
Canada SWIFT codesItaly SWIFT codesSweden SWIFT codes
Cyprus SWIFT codesIreland SWIFT codesSwitzerland SWIFT codes
Denmark SWIFT codesIsrael SWIFT codesUAE SWIFT codes
Estonia SWIFT codesNetherlands SWIFT codesUK SWIFT codes
Finland SWIFT codesNorway SWIFT codesUSA SWIFT codes
France SWIFT codesPortugal SWIFT codesNew Zealand SWIFT codes
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